Floor Buffing

Let’s face it: Some people enjoy , and others avoid it at all costs. If you fall into the latter category, you might benefit from hiring a professional CAN service to keep your grass healthy and green.

It could prove well worth the extra expense when you no longer have to deal with the drudgery of yard work, or worry about equipment failure and maintenance costs. Instead, you get extra time on the weekend to relax with family, or sit poolside with a cold glass of lemonade in hand.

Floor Buffing

We bring new efficiencies to your premises by optimising process design and using new and innovative technologies. Our unique CAN system is proven to deliver dramatic efficiencies through lean engineering methodologies and innovations, such as pictorial specifications, to ensure we exceed your expectations when it comes to upholding the standards of a professional office environment. The presentation of your front of house areas is fundamental to creating an excellent first impression for your clients, staff and visitors. Not only do we maintain an immaculate reception area for your building, we also ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your washrooms. Using high-tech footfall monitors to analyse activity, monitor consumable usage and identify which areas of your premises are being used at particular times, we ensure they are always kept in their optimum condition.

Water Proofing Services

We offer a wide range of waterproofing services for your home. We provide heat-shielding products, designed to be long lasting, more durable, easy to install and maintain and is cost effective. These products are designed to be versatile for application on all types of buildings and infrastructure projects. Backed with our years expertise, we promise to provide safe and trouble-free homes and workspaces to humans around us.

We provide technically advanced waterproofing solution which provides you long term relief and comes with warranty.