Sofa Shampooing

After a hard day at work, the first thing you would like to do is cuddle up on your sofa browsing the TV channels. You feel so cozy and relaxed in that piece of furniture. But have you ever wondered how much pollution your sofa is exposed to? Dust mites, bacteria, dust particles all contaminate and pollute your sofa. Not to mention the dust accumulated after a sand storm. Experts recommend cleaning your sofa once in 6 months not only to make it pollution free but also to extend its life.

Justmop, through our professional cleaners, provides affordable sofa cleaning service. We clean, sanitize and remove all spots from your sofa making it bright and fresh as new. Our sofa cleaning process goes as follows

Sofa cleaning

Our Sofa Cleaning Services is very unique. We use different type of tools to sanitize each and every corner of your sofa. We use either dry foam or specially formalized detergent solution for sensitization ensuring optimum results. The drying process takes maximum 2 hours and the couch will be ready to use in no time. We do not use any chemicals to spoil your fabric or risk your health.CAN provides all type of Sofa Cleaning Services in Thrissur.Sofa Cleaning Thrissur is main focus of work and we are among the best Sofa Cleaning Companies in Thrissur.We provide quality Sofa Cleaning Services in Thrissur at competitive prices. Sofa Cleaning Thrissur is our primary service.