Termite Reticulation Treatment

Termite Reticulation: Anti-Termite Treatment

Anti-termite piping system, also known as Pipe Reticulation System, is a new method for effectively treating the termites underneath concrete slabs or prior to the installation of flooring. Reticulation, which is a network of underground pipes, is used to spread anti-termite chemicals evenly throughout a building's foundation (rubberized membrane pipes).

This type of termite treatment system aids in the prevention of future termite invasions, which would otherwise enter your home from outside or from beneath the floor. It is very long-lasting and protects a new building from termites.

CAN Clean And Neat Services offers best termite control treatments and professional termite treatment services to our clients for their homes, offices and other buildings. We deliver our services to customers located throughout the entirety of Kerala.

How does the anti-termite piping system work?

  • Before floor PCC (plain cement concrete), pipes are installed in the subgrade soil at half a foot depth.
  • These pipes are made with emitters that make it possible for termiticide to be spread evenly under the whole floor.
  • The open ends of this network of pipes are connected to few Junction Boxes (Refilling Stations) for periodic termite chemical refilling.
  • These refilling stations outside the house are used to feed chemical solution without disturbing any idividuals living there.

Advantages of Termite Reticulation Anti-Termite Treatment

This approach is ideal for preserving the appearance of your floor. If your termite control stops working, you may re-inject anti-termite chemical through refilling stations without having to drill into the floor.

  • No digging or drilling holes in the floor is required to apply termite chemicals.
  • It's not necessary to move the furniture around, which is a hectic task.
  • No pungent smell of the termite chemical is let out on the property.
  • Installation of the piping system is guaranteed for 35 - 45 years (manufacture warranty), and chemical can be refilled any time after warranty period to maintain termite control.
  • In contrast to traditional termite injection methods, the chemical is spread out evenly under the floor.
  • No stains, marks or discoloration to floors.
  • Recharge costs are much less than of a drill-and-fill procedure, resulting in large cost benefit ratio over long term when compared to typical termite treatment methods.

How CAN Pest Control Services can Help You?

CAN is a leading pest control company which is specialized in offering you the most reliable termite control treatment in Kerala, aiming our best to provide you with a friendly and punctual service. At CAN, we have a team of experienced and trained termite treatment professionals who are well versed with the knowledge of using modern technology tools for termite removal and aid you to inspect every corner of your premises to get rid of all your termite related problems effectively while guaranteeing long-term termite protection. Our expert technicians are also well versed in conducting a comprehensive assessment of a specific area in order to look out for an infestation.

Being a prominent name among the best termite treatment company in Kerala, we make sure you get the best protection against harmful termites in your residential and commercial premises so your precious property can be protected and saved.

Talking about the company’s objective, we clearly understand the importance of environment, thus our team uses eco-friendly chemicals and procedures for home termite prevention, soil treatments for termites and anti-termite treatment for walls. Furthermore, we even use post termite treatments to ensure your house/office is safe and secure from further termite related problems.